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Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Anytime you are considering a cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, choosing the right plastic surgeon can quickly become stressful and at times, even overwhelming. Knowing what to look for when searching for and comparing plastic surgeons who are right for the procedures you have in mind is essential to keep your mind at ease while ensuring you are satisfied with the outcome and results you receive.

Board Certification

Before choosing a plastic surgeon who is right for you it is imperative to ensure the surgeons you are comparing are all board certified. Ensuring the surgeons you are interested in working with are board certified and have active medical licenses to practice in your state is the first step to finding a surgeon you can truly trust.

Range of Experience

Seek a surgeon who has a range of experience and understands various areas of the body or face, depending on the procedures you are most interested in obtaining for yourself. Ask each individual surgeon you have a consultation with about the type of experience they have as well as their specialties to learn more about which surgeon is right for you and the type of work you wish to have done.

Hospital Affiliations

Before choosing plastic surgeons, it is important to determine whether or not the surgeons themselves have any hospital affiliations and if so, which hospitals they are affiliated with professionally. Plastic surgeons should always have hospital affiliations in the case of an accident, injury, or incident during surgeries and procedures, even if they are minimally invasive. Always verify that any surgeon you are interested in working with regarding plastic surgery has a hospital affiliation to keep your mind at ease at all times.

Facial Plastic Surgery and Local Surgeons

Years in Business

Research the number of years the plastic surgeons near you have been in business. Learn more about any potential reports or negative remarks that have been made regarding their business via official directories and online business listings. The more experienced a surgery office is, the easier it is to put your trust into the surgeons who are available to help complete your procedure goals.


Learn more about the type of plastic surgery the surgeons you are interested in working with specialize in regularly. Finding a surgeon who specializes in the type of reconstructive or cosmetic plastic surgery you are seeking for yourself is optimal as they are much more likely to have experience with similar or identical surgeries as your own.


Inquire about the portfolios available from surgeons you have scheduled consultations or appointments with for potential procedures. Asking for portfolios allows you to review the work completed by any surgeon you are considering while providing you with insight into the overall quality of service that each surgeon is capable of offering.

Because both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries often have permanent and drastic impacts on the way we look, seek out a surgeon with a portfolio that is genuinely impressive to you. When plastic surgeons do not have a portfolio available or photos of any of the work they have completed in the past, it is highly advisable to seek an alternative surgeon to assist you with your needs.

Official Website

It is tough to find professionals to work with that you are able to trust today if they do not have an official website to represent their product, services, or their brand in any field or industry. Research the surgeons in your area that you are interested in choosing for your procedures to determine whether or not they currently have an official website.

While having an official website is not a required for those working in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, it does show a level of professionalism that helps clients and prospective patients to instantly gain trust. If you are unable to find any traces of the doctor or surgeon you are interested in using for a procedure you desire, it may be time to seek elsewhere for a more suitable alternative that you are more comfortable with altogether.